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I don't really know what I'll put on this site, for now I prefer skyblog for my j-music stuff ( or my Twitter (@StarfoxSeles66).

Anyway I mainly translate english things to french, my favorite bands are Golden Bomber and SuG, but I like many other bands of course! I buy many V-kei things so if you have a question or request feel free to ask m(_ _)m I understand english and french, I can speak these two too, and I'm learning japanese too~


zucker, my fellow foodie | acnl

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You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway” - Walt Disney

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I thought the shopping bags were a bit heavy

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a-pttttbbbblllththth a-ptttbbbblllththth

I never thought this sound would be represented in letters.

If you didn’t try to make this sound after seeing this gif, then you’re way too normal.

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Golden Bomber will be releasing new single Rola no Kizudarake‘ on August 20 and has revealed the PV through their YouTube channel.

With this single, Golden Bomber seeks specialization in music. This is an experiment for the band – the CD will come with a plain white jacket cover…

This is why I really love Kiryuin Sho ♥

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Legend of Zelda Illustrations - Created by Polaara

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